Discover Our employee gamification systems

*Included In CDCI Immersion Program

CDCI has decades of implementing employee gamification systems to create what’s good for the company, what’s good for the customer, and good for the employee.

Engaging employees at the level of customer interaction, creates muscle memory & effects change in behavior that reinforces all of our coaching, resources & materials for top performance.

Our full suite of gamification involves daily & monthly programs & contests as well as integration into the training & sales processes implemented.

Included: Daily Meeting & Spotlight Reporting, Winners Circle & CDCI Custom Game Boards & Playbook.

Winners Circle

Monthly Contest In Store & Across The Group

Winners Circle Report

CDCI Games Playbook

50+ Daily Games

CDCI Games Playbook

Daily Spotlight

Month To Date Tracking For Departments & Advisor Performance Metrics

Daily Spotlight Report

Custom CDCI Game Boards

Daily game for advisors, based on sales, set up in morning advisor meeting.

Custom CDCI Game Boards

An environment creating: