Targeted, confidential, & professional recruiting services aimed at the passive candidate marketplace.

We specialize in transforming the recruitment process into a seamless extension of your dealership’s commitment to excellence. Our recruitment solutions are designed to provide a candidate experience that mirrors the exceptional customer service your dealership is known for.

Liaison Services: We serve as the vital link between you and potential candidates, ensuring clear and consistent communication throughout the hiring process. Our team manages, in collaboration with your team, all aspects of candidate engagement, from initial contact to final onboarding.

Interview Coordination: We handle the logistical aspects of the recruitment process, scheduling interviews and coordinating with both candidates and your management team. Our approach minimizes disruptions to your daily operations, ensuring that interviews are conducted efficiently and at times that accommodate all parties involved. Where possible we will develop and deploy our signature Group Interview System to maximize efficiency & create a repeatable process for you to engage in for your most frequently hired positions.

Applicant Screening: Leveraging our extensive expertise in the automotive industry, we perform thorough screenings of all applicants. This includes assessing skills and experience relevant to your specific needs, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates move forward in the interview process.

Time to Hire Metrics: We are committed to optimizing your recruitment timeline. By streamlining processes and enhancing candidate engagement, we work to reduce the time to hire, enabling you to quickly onboard skilled individuals who can contribute to your dealership’s success.

Passive Candidate Recruiting: In addition to managing the inbound applicants (through Indeed, LinkedIn, Website, etc) we are also focused on a niche market on your behalf – identifying candidates who don’t tend to respond to advertising. Our goal is to identify the top 80% of passive candidates in the marketplace who are not currently looking for a new position, but would be interested in hearing about an opportunity, should it offer them one of the following six motivators:

  1. New Challenge
  2. Strong Location
  3. Job Security
  4. Better Compensation & Benefits
  5. Improved Work Environment
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CDCI Automotive Candidate Search & Recruiting